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About us

Wholesome Consultancy Solutions

We offer end-to- end, wide range of engineering solutions and consultancy for your project.

Professional Integrity

We have a team of seasoned, diversely skilled and deadline oriented engineers, field staff and inspectors who serve to surpass your expectations.

International Standards

Our experts are fully aware of international building standards laid down by differemt agencies.


FEED Engineering

WHILI undertakes FEED engineering, where information is provided in a detailed, ready to use format.

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Detailed Engineering

WHILI provides with design-supply and design-build situation based expertise, tailored in accordance with the project at hand.

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P&ID Diagram

WHILI develops P&ID diagram that displays the scheduling and the entire layout of the piping system.

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BOQ Preparation

WHILI prepares BOQ, useful in making contractor payments, speculating the scope and possible variations of building works.

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Value Engineering

WHILI works tirelessly through each stage of the development process, from conception to volume production and end-of-life support.

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Reverse Designing

WHILI effectively converts hard copies of architectural designs into soft copies-and vice versa.

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IT Solutions

WHILI renders immaculately tailored and cost effective IT solutions for all your business needs.

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Project Management

WHILI manages your project to ensure that it is technically sound, free from loopholes, cost-effective and completed in due time.

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WHILI helps building contractors, sub-contractors as well as architects & quantity surveyors to arrive at the coverage of prices to your utmost benefit.

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Why Choose Us

Extensive Experience

Work with a team that has over 20 years of hands-on experience invarious fields of Engineering.

Customer Satisfaction

Trust us with the planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of your project.

Professional Services

Benefit from solutions strictly in line with International Building Code (IBC) and other conventional building code requirements.

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